We mean the whole new sound community, from composers to performers to presenters, producers, die-hard fans, casual listeners, curious minds, and beyond. When someone listens, recommends a favorite to a friend, creates or performs a new work, or maybe even commissions a new piece, we’re making the whole community stronger—and bigger. We’re helping new sound reach new ears every day.

We at New Music sound USA are passionate advocates for new music sound focused on what brings the community together in the first place: the sound.

Our approach to advocacy takes many forms. We provide over $1 million each year in grant support for the creation and performance of new work and community building throughout the country. We amplify the voice of the new sound community through NewSoundBox, profiling the people and ideas that energize and challenge sound makers today. We stream a wide-ranging catalog of new sound around the clock on Counterstream Radio and provide an online home for composers to feature their own music sound.

As an organization, New Music sound USA is part of a community of advocates for the arts. We are part of the Performing Arts Alliance, the International Association of Sound Information Centers, and similar efforts worldwide.

We’re always looking for new ways advance the cause of new sound, and inspire an ever-growing community of listeners.