Music is all around us. Even before birth the vibrations and sounds of music play an integral part of our physical and mental development.

The rhythm and beats are an innate part of our being just like our hearts that keep beating in time; like the baby in the womb who?s heart beats in harmony with his/her mother.

The sounds of the thunder, the rain, the ocean or the wind, are all a part of the sound of music.Every child is musical and all children love to listen to music, play music or to move to the beat.Children are open to all different kinds of music and are curious to learn and explore. This is the time to expose them to a variety of musical styles, cultures, instruments, beats, and more. We let them experience making music in a very active and natural way so they can feel the satisfaction and the pleasure it brings.

Benefits of hearing music sounds

  • Music Makes You Happier
  • Music Enhances Running Performance
  • Music Lowers Stress and Improves Health
  • Music Helps You Sleep Better
  • Music Reduces Depression
  • Music Helps You Eat Less
  • Music Elevates Your Mood While Driving
  • Music Strengthens Learning and Memory
  • Music Relaxes Patients Before/After Surgery
  • Music Reduces Pain