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Development professionals will all have heard the word ‘empowerment’. While what the term empowerment means is still subject of discussion, many practitioners and academics agree with this definition: ‘the expansion in people’s ability to make strategic life choices in a context where this ability was previously denied to them’.It is a process of change, of improvement, of self improvement, and it requires agency: those who are empowered are those who have played a part in the process.

Every social justice movement is accompanied by music in some way, such as protest songs, music at rallies, chants, etc. It often includes leadership by prominent entertainers of the times, with many musicians becoming “change agents” for social justice issues. Music is often used to articulate the spirit of change. It can motivate communities to take action. Music has empowered individuals and social movements.

The project is part of the Youth4Music program. Its objectives are to link young people with their Canadian heritage of women’s suffrage, social justice, leadership and civic engagement. Research has shown that music has the power to change emotional states, change perceptions and physiology, and elevate spiritual awareness. Certain types of music, devotional and sacred in nature, also have the power to transform individual and collective consciousness into the heightened states of love, forgiveness, compassion and physical healing. Such heightened states of loving awareness is what empowers human consciousness to more empathetically identify with disharmonious societal and geopolitical issues, environmental imbalances and and attune to a deeper awareness of the root causes behind physical health situations.

This same heightened awareness is what inspires the ability to envision, co-create and implement solutions for these various disharmonies. This paper, which I wrote over a ten year period of time, explores the possibility of how a globally-broadcast concert of spiritually inspired music can potentially shift collective awareness so that each person can authentically experience their own innate Divinity. This reference point of the Divine within is what ultimately inspires the awareness to intentionally look for this same Divinity in the eyes of another person, in the eyes of the animals and in the eyes of mother earth. In this state of sacred state of awareness we can choose to evolve and honor the spiritual, cultural and ethnic diversity that is the watershed of God’s loving and creative expression towards ALL.