A good recording studio has the ability to add pre-canned drumset patterns into a mix. A great recording studio has the ability to get live drummers to come into the studio and track drumset patterns using a studio-owned drumset. There are some things that every recording studio ought to have, and a drumset is one of those things. If you’re a newbie, you’re probably wondering what is the best drumset fo a beginner. Here are a few ideas for drumsets to purchase for your recording studio:

The Pearl Roadshow 4-piece

With a five star rating on Sweetwater, the Pearl Roadshow 4-piece has everything you need for 99% of the songs that will be tracked in the studio. It comes with a high-hat, crash cymbal, bass drum, 2 toms, and a snare. You’re probably adding it up and saying, “Wait, that’s more than four pieces!” And with that assessment, you are correct! The cymbals are in addition to the 4 drums.

Like Fender is a solid brand for guitars, Pearl is a solid brand for drums. It is one of those name-brands in music that always seems to perform well.

The Yamaha Stage Custom Birch 5 Piece Kit

Yamaha is another brand-favorite amongst percussionists, especially when it comes to equipment for drumlines. However, they make a solid drum kit, too. American Musical Supply sells the 5-piece kit for a cool $679.99, but you can opt for an interest-free payment plan over 8 months if the price-point is a little expensive.

In my opinion, the Yamaha 5-piece is just a little bit of an overkill for the typical needs of a recording studio.

The Ludwig Questlove Pocket Kit Drum Set, 4-Piece

Okay, so if you’re REALLY strapped for cash, but still insist on having a real drum kit in the studio, I suggest taking a gander at the Ludwig 4-piece set. This beauty, while inexpensive, still packs a punch with its sound. However, it’s a bit small and is designed for the younger musician in mind. Experienced percussionists might scoff at the idea of sitting behind this set. On the other hand, if you’re looking for the ability to track simple, basic patterns, this set will do just fine.


Drumming is one of the most underrated parts of the live-musician tracking experience. In many cases, it is the percussion part that MAKES the song. A great example of this is the viral drummer, Steve Moore!

Don’t cut corners if you can avoid it. Get a decent drum set for your studio!