The performing arts world has taken a brutal beating from the crippling coronavirus as a result of government-mandated stay home orders. Every corner of the music industry has been affected: performers, presenters, venues, managers, stage crews, arts marketers, and more.

Recording studios should be included the list of casualties. Some might argue that recording studios should be seeing a boost in business due to the growing market of online music sales. However, musicians need money to pay studios, and for most artists, the bulk of their earnings come from touring . . . not online music sales.

Yes, there are a the legacy artists like Garth Brooks who, no doubt, are weathering the COVID-19 storm just fine, even with his Stadium Tour on pause. However, most artists are scrambling to try and make ends meet now that summer tours are on the rocks, and racing to the recording studio isn’t a quick fix for financial ruin. Perhaps this is why Zac Brown’s massive recording studio complex in Nashville just posted for sale with an asking price of $10 million.